CCNSW Weather & UV Chart
Education Activation


Many people in Australia do not realize that it is the ultra violet rays from the sun, not its brightness or heat, that causes skin cancer. Even on a cloudy day, when the UV number gets to 3 or above – which is most days in spring and summer in NSW – sun protection is required. Our brief was to educate childcare centres and their children on the daily need to protect against UV.


We created a fun interactive magnetic chart that childcare educators and children could use every day, and a memorable slogan “When the number gets to 3, we protect against UV!” The challenge we faced was to make our interactive chart interesting for young children every day. We solved this by creating an illustration of a little boy and girl that could be dressed each day in an array of different sun protective gear so although the task was the same every day, the play remained fun. We carefully researched what kind of illustrations would appeal to young children, and what sizes and shapes they could pick up and place easily. Budgets were then increased and more charts produced by getting a sponsor on board (Childcare Super). Early results indicate that both educators and children love the chart.