Vitamin D Break
Education Activation


In winter in NSW, people who commute long distances to work during the week risk depleted levels of vitamin D due to lack of exposure to sunshine, this in turn can lead to osteoporosis. Our joint brief from Cancer Council NSW and Arthritis & Osteoporosis NSW was to raise awareness of the need for safe sun exposure & vitamin D to North Coast commuters.


Our insight was that simply telling commuters to get 30 mins of sunshine during the day wasn’t going to work. These people work through their breaks because they HAVE to be out of the office and on the train by a good time or never see their families. We created the ‘Vitamin D Break’, handing out coffee cups to commuters at Gosford station on a winter’s morning. The cups contained little brochures filled with insightful ideas for how to save time at work and get outside for a 30 minute break. We also gave them a tube of sunscreen, reminding them to always protect their skin against UV. The tips were also made available through facebook and on websites. Results have been very positive for both organisations.