What do your hands say about you?
Brand Activation, Integrated Campaign


Dove was launching two new hand creams. ‘Day’ light and perfect for people who work at a desk and can apply throughout the day, ‘Night’ rich and perfect for busy people on the go all day, who can apply and let soak in at night. We were asked to create awareness and gain consideration from women who currently don’t use a hand cream.


How to get women who don’t think about their hands, to care for them? Tap into the ‘science’ of hand analysis and create a free online personality profile that told you all about your character and whether you are a ‘Day’ or a ‘Night’ person – based entirely on the shape and characteristics of your hands. We communicated through CBD street and office sampling, café tabletops, online display, and women’s magazine advertorials with a sample analysis and the promise of a free hand analysis online. The online analysis gave you a 3 page print out covering all aspects of your personality and tips on how to care for your hands with Dove.

(With Claire Whitefield)