There are two sides to every story
Guerilla Marketing


An alarming number of commuter cyclists were being injured or killed in accidents with lorries in the CBD. Cyclists were not understanding that lorries pull out to the right before turning left (to create a wider turning arc) and were cycling into the driver’s blind spot on the inside lane, only to be crushed by the lorry as it turned left. On a small budget we were asked to find a way to educate cyclists and lorry drivers of the danger.


We created a double-sided booklet that acknowledged the anger and exasperation felt by both sides, told the story so that both parties understood what the other saw and how to avoid the danger, and delivered it directly to bikes and lorries in key parking areas. The cyclists got theirs under a waterproof saddle cover, and lorry drivers got theirs in a ‘tachometer records’ cover put on their windscreen.

(With Claire Whitefield & John O’Sullivan)